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Homeowners and Landlords Beware-Employing Unregistered Gas Fitters Is Illegal

Homeowners and Landlords Beware-Employing Unregistered Gas Fitters Is Illegal

An Essex landlord has recently been fined £950 and ordered to pay £4000 in costs after failing to abide by health and safety regulations dictating the use of registered gas safety fitters.

Homeowners/Landlords wishing to learn more about this regulation should look up Regulation 36(4) of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. (We suggest starting here)

Undertaking any gas related work within a home, rental properties, or businesses comes with a legal requirement to ensure that a competent, qualified tradesman is used to carry out the work and this means that the engineer must be registered with the gas safety register.

Not only will the homeowner/landlord/business owner be prosecuted, but the tradesman would also be prosecuted separately if found to be in contravention of the regulations.

Boilers, fireplaces and gas cookers require tradesmen who are competent and legally allowed to work on them. Only those who are competent and registered may do so. Until a few years ago, any tradesman working with  gas required to be registered with corgi. The corgi gas register ended on 31 March 2009 with the scheme being taken over on 1 April by the gas safe register. For gas installers to work legally they must be registered with the gas safe register.

Every gas safe registered engineer carries the gas safe ID card. The gas safe ID card stipulates which types of gas appliances your tradesman is qualified to work on. . All trade associations actively encourage members of the public, landlords and business owners alike to insist on seeing proof of registration with gas safe prior to any work commencing. Every year there are hundreds of reports of illegal  gas work being carried out which are investigated by the health and safety executive.

If you are looking to carry out any home improvement work, why not have a look through our tradesmen’s directory and see if we can help you find a suitable company.

UK Tradesmen Are Working Longer Hours and Harder Than Ever Before

UK Tradesmen Are Working Longer Hours and Harder Than Ever Before

We just found a great article in the Installer magazine online. The magazine makes for great reading for heating, plumbing and renewable professionals. Providing the latest news, product and training information to the heating industry! Tradesmen are working longer hours than ever, willing to sacrifice holidays and weekends in a bid to squeeze more jobs in.

The average tradesman works between 41 and 50 hours a week, more than bankers (40.9 hours), medical practitioners (38.4 hours), barristers and judges (36 hours), and accountants (35.6 hours)*. A fifth of tradesmen work more than 50 hours a week, compared to the UK average of 36.4 hours**.

“For a lot of tradesmen, time is money, and so any opportunity to squeeze in an extra job is snatched up. This can mean long working hours and driving further from home to increase their workload. However, by finding ways to work more effectively, they can cut their working hours.

“Tradesmen have told us that using technology allows them to work more efficiently, by helping them to communicate with clients, invoice jobs and buy supplies for their business.”

 It continues ... Read the full article click here

To help tradesmen fit everything in, Screwfix stores are now open seven days a week and from 7am – 8pm on weekdays. This gives customers the flexibility and convenience of dropping in when it suits them and, with more than 270 trade only counters nationwide, there is always a Plumbfix store nearby to stock up on the essentials.

Other findings from the research include:
•    58% of tradesmen take fewer than 26 holidays per year
•    87% of tradesmen are driving the same amount or more this year (2012 vs. 2013)
•    62% of tradesmen eat a packed lunch each day
•    Tea is the most popular drink (57% of tradesmen choose this)
•    8 out of 10 tradesmen skip meals while working
•    Average lunch break for tradesmen is 10 – 20 minutes
•    73% of tradesmen think they don’t take enough exercise
•    17% of tradesmen walk to work
•    83%  of tradesmen are working the same hours or more this year (2012 vs. 2013)

For more information on Plumbfix’s range of products, visit, call free on 0808 101 0000 or pick up the latest catalogue from your nearest store.

 It continues ... Read the full article click here

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