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18/10/2017Mr & Mrs EvansPrompt for small repairs and issues and always happy to help. Good value for money compared to competitors.8 9 9 8
17/10/2017Mrs Clarke 10 10 10 10
17/10/2017Mr & Mrs Murphy 9 9 10 10
17/10/2017Mr & Mrs Driscoll 10 10 9 9
17/10/2017Mr ElliotFrom start to finish the process was easy, the fitters were efficient, clean and tidy. We are really pleased with the end product.10 10 10 10
17/10/2017Mr & Mrs GurungWorker man came on time.they clean the area after finished there work 8 7 8 8
16/10/2017Mr & Mrs GoodmanDG Solutions were very competant and we have had a couple of small issues which they have sorted with no fuss 9 9 10 10
16/10/2017Mrs GlucksteinI was more than satisfied with this installation. The contractors arrived on time and were extremely courteous. The job was finished quickly and no mess left at all. I have used this company previously so felt secure in my decision.10 10 10 10
16/10/2017Mr Smithvery good10 10 10 10
16/10/2017Mr Musgrove 8 6 9 9
16/10/2017Ms Baker 9 9 9 10
16/10/2017Mr BrewerVery happy with almost everything apart from getting the date of fitting wrong - mistake in your office.9 8 8 8
16/10/2017Mrs Bown 10 10 10 10
16/10/2017Mr Garrett 10 10 10 10
16/10/2017Mr & Mrs AyersVery professional workmanship. 10 10 10 10
16/10/2017Mr & Mrs RalphI am very happy and I would certainly recommend them to anyone who needs work done locally. 10 10 10 9
16/10/2017Mr & Mrs Cull 10 10 10 10
15/10/2017Mr BallThe contractor arrived on time and the work was carried out in a quick and efficient manner. The workmen were courteous. A satisfactory standard of workmanship was provided. 8 10 8 8
15/10/2017 Mr & Mrs BenettThe whole process was brilliant from start to finish. Totaly satisfied, these guy's gave us exactly what we wanted. Brilliant10 10 10 9
15/10/2017Ms IvoryFantastic sales team and workmanship faultless. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend DG Solutions.10 10 10 10
15/10/2017Dr JenkinsThe quality of the windows and fitting looks good. The fitters worked well, even in a downpour, and tidied up well before they left. It was a bit of a tiresome process agreeing the price.9 8 9 6
14/10/2017Mr & Mrs Reeder 8 10 7 10
14/10/2017Mrs Harris I am very pleased with both the quality and appearance of my patio door. Also the workmen were courteous and went about their work very proficiently. I am extremely satisfied with the work D G Solutions has carried out and would have no qualms about recommending them.10 10 10 10
14/10/2017Mr & Mrs WinkworthPunctual professional and efficient,on the fitting side very impressed . On the sales side very nice full of bullshit ,but we went ahead ,not disappointed.8 10 10 10
14/10/2017Mr & Mrs StoneWe were very pleased with work carried out replacing the back door. The guy did a fantastic job and tidied up after himself, taking the door and rubbish with him. Communication with company was good, easy to contact. They originally quoted for front and back door but we could only afford the back door at the time, there was no sales pressure to get the front door done which was nice, therefore when we can afford the front door we will happily return to them. I would recommend.10 10 10 10
13/10/2017 Mr & Mrs FinProfessional, hard working and polite.10 10 10 10
13/10/2017 Mr MackeryThis is the second installation DG solutions have done for us and we're as pleased this time as we were the first time. Quality product and staff ... could not fault either.10 10 10 10
13/10/2017 Mr O'ConnellWork was completed on the day as they originally stated. The process of choosing and booking a date to do the work was very straight forward and there was no hiccups. Would gladly use again.9 8 9 8
12/10/2017Mr & Mrs PetroGentleman was very confident and professional in the work he carried out and also tidied up afterwards10 10 10 7
12/10/2017Mr & Mrs JaycockFitters arrived on our chosen day. Very professional workmanship. Friendly and courteous. Left our house in a very tidy condition. All rubbish taken away. Very pleased with the service and the windows look great.10 10 10 10
12/10/2017Miss Smith 9 10 10 9
12/10/2017Mr SotirisThis was the second installation of windows that I had ordered and the work was carried out efficiently and with virtually no significant damage to the surrounding areas. On completion the site was left clean and tidy. Overall very satisfied with the completed job.10 10 10 10
12/10/2017Mrs Smith 10 7 10 10
12/10/2017Mr & Mrs Hayzelden 10 10 10 8
12/10/2017Mrs Hopkins 8 8 8 8
12/10/2017Mrs Hopkin 8 8 8 8
12/10/2017Mrs HopkinThe product and workmanship was very good.8 8 8 8
12/10/2017Ms Currellvery happy my windows and tidiness and politeness of fitters.8 8 10 10
11/10/2017Mr & Mrs HintonImpressive.We are absolutely delighted. 10 10 10 10
11/10/2017Mr Taylor 10 10 10 10
09/10/2017Mr & Mrs Withers/grigor 9 9 9 9
09/10/2017Mr & Mrs Clapton 10 10 10 8
09/10/2017Mr & Mrs Milsome 9 9 9 8
09/10/2017Mrs QuailThe provided a good quality of work and they completed it in good time.10 10 10 10
09/10/2017Mrs CurryWas delighted with both the quality and service I have received, would definitely recommend this company10 7 10 10
09/10/2017Mr & Mrs Bates 10 10 10 10
08/10/2017Mr & Mrs Shakespearevery quick nice guys9 9 9 9
07/10/2017Mrs WhiteThe door-caller/pamphlet-dropper, salesman, surveyor and fitter were all polite, of excellent calibre and extremely helpful indeed. However, the person sent to inspect the workmanship immediately afterwards was extremely 'cocky', ill-mannered, rude, irritating and pushy practically forcing an entry upon myself and my neighbours. In fact both of us were very alarmed by him and concerned as to whether he was even an employee of DG Solutions, so I phoned the company to make them aware and report the incident. The same so-called 'inspection man' had called at my house just prior to my having the work done by DG Solutions, but made no mention of window-fitting whatsoever, merely offering his services to paint the outside of my house. Weird!9 9 9 9
07/10/2017Mr Bushel 7 8 9 6
07/10/2017Ms Leek 10 10 10 10
06/10/2017Mr & Mrs Tubb 10 10 10 9
06/10/2017Mrs DixeyI recommended the company to a friend who did have windows and door fitted but never received my £50 for recommending a friend still after phoning twice, so I am not recommending any more. 9 9 8 9
06/10/2017Mrs Dixey 10 7 10 10
05/10/2017Ms McleodNo problems all wen,t well10 10 10 8
05/10/2017Mrs RevilleI am very pleased with my new windows and doors. The two workers worked extremely hard, were very pleasant and polite and kept me informed of any small problems they came across and how the work was progressing. I would definitely recommend them to someone who needed new windows and/or doors.10 10 10 10
05/10/2017Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs FinchThe installers were brilliant, courteous, and tidy. We immediately noticed the difference with the warmth of the house and the central heating has not come on so much. Being able to stagger the installation has been a great help financially. 10 10 10 10
05/10/2017Mr BignellThe conservatory infill is part of ongoing work being carried out on my property by DG Solutions. Their work and the attitude and friendliness of their staff continue to impress and I would recommend them.10 10 10 10
04/10/2017Miss Hill 10 10 10 10
04/10/2017Mr Johnson 10 10 10 10
03/10/2017Mr & Mrs Gurungexcellent job done10 9 9 7
03/10/2017Mr HuntThe fitters installed confidence in myself from the moment they stepped into our property with the way they presented themselves and got on with the job and leaving our property clean and tidy.10 9 10 9
03/10/2017Mr & Mrs CottisSome of thier sub-contractors left us with half finished foundations while they went on holiday with out telling DG Solutions. There after sales service is good and noe all leaks in the large roof have now been cured8 5 8 7
03/10/2017 SOESAN 7 6 5 8
03/10/2017Ms ShortVery good product Excellent service 7 10 10 8
03/10/2017Mr & Mrs Grover 9 7 7 5
02/10/2017Mr & Mrs Smith 10 10 10 10
02/10/2017Mrs Piccirillo 9 9 9 9
02/10/2017Mr & Mrs CoomberI found them very helpful, they tidied up well and it was a pleasant experience. 10 9 10 9
02/10/2017Mr & Mrs LowryThe installation engineers were excellent very professional, friendly, clean and tidy. The back up from the administration team and customer services could do with a review regarding procedures9 9 9 9
02/10/2017Mr O''''connellReplaced all my external doors within a day. Work was completed without too much mess. The company is very easy to communicate with and made the process of buying new double glazing products very straight forward and simple. Will gladly recommend to family and friends and will be first call for myself in future.8 7 9 8
01/10/2017Mr & Mrs WeygangThe guys who fitted the windows were very professional and kept the disruption to an absolute minimum9 9 8 7
01/10/2017Mr & Mrs HouseProfessional,polite , courteous and friendly staff doing a very good job.10 10 10 10
01/10/2017Mr RobinsonFitters were on time, courteous, clean working and helpful.9 9 10 8
01/10/2017 Mr & Mrs GoerlingClean and tidy installation 9 10 10 5
30/09/2017Mr MackeyDG Solutions are a good company and their products of excellent quality. Their fitters were polite, friendly, efficient and once the job was completed left us without any tidying up to do or any redecoration required.10 10 10 10
29/09/2017Mr & Mrs Hunt 9 9 10 9
29/09/2017Mrs WithamThe staff were very friendly and very efficient. 10 10 10 10
29/09/2017Mr & Mrs FordhamVery please with work completed.10 10 10 10
29/09/2017Mr CampbellVery happy with the workmanship and the client contact by the 'agent'10 10 10 8
28/09/2017Mr Scaizothe installation was carried out by a contractor that new what he was supposed doing9 8 10 8
28/09/2017Ms HareVery happy with the tradesmen that came but do feel we were stitched up with the finance side of things. Deposit insurance etc sent 3 weeks after completion which is somewhat late.9 10 10 9
28/09/2017Mr Machlachlan 10 10 10 10
28/09/2017Mr & Mrs Adams 10 10 10 10
28/09/2017Mr & Mrs LeachThe only comment re the timekeeping is that the original date was cancelled (rather late) and had to be rearranged. When the work was carried out the team's timekeeping was excellent, the work carried out very efficiently, they cleaned up perfectly afterwards and the finished conservatory exceeded our expectations. I would have no hesitation in recommending this firm.10 8 10 10
27/09/2017Mr Beales 8 9 9 9
27/09/2017Mr & Mrs Apps / KnowlesHad quite a few problems with the fittings and quality of the products but after quite a few appointments sending a very good fitter all of the problems got solved one by one still waiting on one more visit for minor problem7 9 8 N/A
27/09/2017Mr & Mrs Hebert 9 9 10 9
26/09/2017Miss MartinellFitters arrived on time and I was impressed with the speed in fitting the replacement windows. Would recommend 9 9 8 9
26/09/2017Mrs HeathI was very satisfied with the service and value of the windows that were installed.10 10 8 10
25/09/2017Mr & Mrs Garnervery satisfied with the contractor very friendly and cleaned up after they finished each day. 10 10 10 8
25/09/2017Mr & Mrs Murray 7 6 8 8
25/09/2017Mr & Mrs KarahaliGood work8 8 8 6
25/09/2017Mr Smith 9 10 10 10
23/09/2017Mrs Gooda very good experience8 10 10 10
22/09/2017Mr & Mrs Harris 7 6 9 7
22/09/2017Mr & Mrs RawlingsonDISAPPOINTED WITH PORCH WINDOW10 8 8 8
22/09/2017Mr DayI was very pleased with the price, workmanship and the work was excellent.10 10 10 10
21/09/2017Mr TuddaThe work has been done on time. At the agreed price. The communication with D G Solution was timely and effective. The overall cost was a bit expensive but I recognize that the windows quality is high. The only little defect I would say is related to the workmanship that did most of the work in a professional manner with minimal impact related to dirt and dust, but left me with few details to sort out like: the blind previously on the frame of the windows has not been re-positioned and the job is now left to me, moreover a little part of the wall came off they plaster it but with a grey color one while the rest of the wall is white (another job that is now up to me), last thing I mounted 2 windows and only one came with new window seal.7 9 8 8
21/09/2017Mr & Mrs Pomroy 10 10 10 10
20/09/2017Mr DarbyEngineers have been back twice to adjust our composite front door but you can still see daylight through the gaps, apparently they can't do anymore, we were not fully advised on the type of door locking mechanism. All the fitters and sales people seem to be in a rush to leave, no body interested in listening to what the customer wants. The work hasn't been completed to our satisfaction but they've already been paid and say they can't do anymore. Nice looking front door, just doesn't seal properly to keep light, sound and draughts out windows and back door are ok.5 7 6 6